Awning Repair In Maryland, DC, and Virginia

We Repair Every Make and Model of Awning!

If you have an awning that is damaged, torn, or has faded over the years and are looking for expert repair you've come to the right place. 

Here at the The Deck Awning Company we specialize in the repair of all types and sizes of awning, no matter who the manufacturer, both residential and commercial.

From backyard retractable shade awnings at home, to restaurant installations, apartment building awnings we provide service in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia.

For a free estimate just give us a call!

Residential & Commercial Awning Recovering

Before you replace a retractable or fixed awning just because the fabric is old and faded, consider the possibility of recovering it. Retractable awning recovering is something you can NOT do yourself.  We have the experience, skills and equipment to recover your awning the correct and professional way. 

Retractable Awning Service & Repair

The Deck Awning Company, services retractable awnings from any manufacturer regardless of where or when it was purchased. Just call to discover the next step.

Motorization Awning Service & Repair

Is your motorized awning no longer functioning properly. The first step is determining the problem. Most awning issues are either electrical, motor-related, or cosmetic. Electrical issues could be related to a blown fuse or a short, while on the motor side, there can be a few different types of motor-related issues: the minor ones require repairs while the major ones may require a replacement. Our experts can quickly inspect and determine the most cost-efficient way to get you repaired and back in good working order.  Call 301-990-8333.